The process of making it an excellent raw material in the sea, rivers and marshes’ begins. It has laid in the water fora few hundred years or, like bog oak for a few thousand years without light and air. Fresh water and salt water, minerals and biophysical conditions of time creates a unique drawing, color differences and drastically change its structure. Wood from the water has thick rings and is deprived of resin and is filled with minerals which increase its stability and durability. Such a wood can be easily processed and is not exposed to biological factors that shorten the life of traditionally obtained raw materials.



Our main goal and thrust is to give a second life to wood extracted out from rivers. Wood extraction from the riverbed is extremely laborious and complex. Cutted down or fallen trees are slowly gaining extraordinary strenght and aesthetic values in deep cold waters. Wood, after years of maturing in the water becomes a perfect material for creating valuable products guaranteeing their highest quality and perfect durability.



The company Woodunstore aims at acquiring old beams from rivers and lakes but most of all at acquiring black oak.The most known “river” wood is of course bog oak, one of the hardest and most expensive kinds of wood. Through hundred or even thousands of years the Bog Oak is formed, the unique material for creating bespoke products with the story behind it.The process can be compared to coal becoming diamond.¬† By some called european ebony. Highly valued in the world. Without comparison to contemporary wood.¬†Black Oak Resources are very limited. Unique on a global scale.


The latest collection cosists of table, coffee table, lighting, door and Wall-in 3Ds. Each design is made of wood extracted out from rivers, marshes and is custom-made. It will possess a unique, unrepeatable texture thanks to which the wood will be a piece of art its useful form.